Karolina Michniule – Germany

The trip was an unforgettable experience. I highly recommend it to young and old. Much better than a standard hop-on-hop-off tour.

Guy Dudgeon – Perth

I loved that old truck. There were a few rattles and the driver ground the gears a few times – but so authentic – made me feel like I was back in the 1940’s.

Sascha Rahlf – Germany

I have been to Darwin twice now in 4 years but this is better tour I have been on. Nice old truck. Commentary good. Next time i will be doing it again.

Andrew Bett – VIC

Runs to Darwin time a little – starts on time from what I can see, but tour length varies 10-15 minutes either way (so be careful if you are cutting it fine for your plane). Still, the best of all the tours I have tried here.

Paulina Wojtasik – Poland

So interesting tour. I had no idea Australia had this history

Janet Anderson – NSW

I liked the discussion on the settlement of Darwin and also Cyclone Tracy. I’d recommend it to anyone with teenage kids.

Robert Hill – WA

If you are only going to do one tour in Darwin do this one – it gets you around the city and gives a good overview of the place. Recommend.

Joe Darrigo – Sydney

What a fantastic tour! The old WW 2 music was a blast. The must do tour in Darwin!